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dental design

We set the blueprint for your cases.

Who We Are

Weston Hatcher Design is your premier smile design partner. We provide world-class cosmetic restorations for dentists and patients who are looking for the best. Our standard is to get it right the first time and to deliver on a consistent basis. We are not your ordinary dental lab. We specialize and excel in certain aspects of our industry and that is precisely why we limit our offerings to what we do best, smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitations.

- Weston Hatcher

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Handcrafted ceramics

Our designs are brought to life by the artistic touch of our in-house master ceramists.


Facially-Driven Design

All of our cases are expertly crafted, taking into account the patient's facial features, shape and lip line.


Simple Upload Process

Please review upload instructions on the 'send case' page.


Consistent Turnaround

We always make sure to get things out the door in a timely manner. That being said, good things do take time. 

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